PNS Daily Newscast - March 20, 2018 

President Trump again calls for the death penalty for drug dealers, but groups in New Hampshire say they oppose the get-tough approach. Also on today’s rundown: A protest against expanding tar-sands oil refining in California; and in Seattle, a group demands a moratorium on youth jail construction.

Daily Newscasts

Budget Axe Poised Over HUSKY Heads

February 9, 2010

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Tackling the budget deficit is "Job One" in Hartford. Gov. Jodi Rell has proposed increasing premiums and co-payments for parents whose children are on the state's HUSKY health insurance plan. That would contribute about $2 million toward closing the state's half-billion dollar budget gap.

Jamey Bell, who is executive director of onnecticut Voices for Children, says the move to hike premiums and co-pays threatens coverage for 16,000 children of working parents who already contribute towards the costs of their kids' premiums.

"Past experience has shown that when you increase premiums and co-payments for children in this program, families cannot afford it and they fall off the program."

Bell says discussions about making taxes more fair would be timely. She says that right now, the lowest 20 percent of earners in the state pay more than twice as much of their income in taxes as do the highest one percent.

"Another revenue option that we need to look at is making the income tax more progressive, a greater tax on our higher-income taxpayers."

Gov. Rell says tax increases are off the table in the current recession.

Melinda Tuhus, Public News Service - CT