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Saturday November 1, 2014   PNS Weekend Update - November 1, 2014
Among the stories on our weekend rundown: two crashes for civilian spaceflight in just one week; we’ll take you to a state where same day election registration is here today, but could be gone soon; plus a play that opens eyes about Alzheimer’s and a Colorado Cidery built on generosity.


Friday October 31, 2014   PNS Daily News - October 31, 2014
Featured on our Friday rundown: one of the FBI’s Most Wanted Fugitives finally in custody in Pennsylvania; Winter Crisis programs ready as the Midwest gears up for a chilly weekend; and busting bat myths in Arkansas.


Thursday October 30, 2014   PNS Daily News - October 30, 2014
Among the stories on our nationwide rundown; updates on wages both the minimum wage and cost of living negotiations for Boston University workers; Kentucky investigates alleged voter intimidation of college students; and is this really the education superhighway—a look at virtual charter schools.


Wednesday October 29, 2014   PNS Daily News - October 29, 2014
Today’s coast to coast news features several stories including; Security is being beefed up at thousands of federal government buildings; New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is making a big money move to reduce nitrogen pollution in the Empire State; And despite their Halloween notoriety, bats are good for American farmers and people in general.


Tuesday October 28, 2014   PNS Daily News - October 28, 2014
We’re featuring several stories in today’s rundown including: a reminder to vote by values this election; a look at the negative impacts of sliding funding for higher education; and how a “crying plan” can prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome.


Monday October 27, 2014   PNS Daily News - October 27, 2014
A variety of topics are covered in today’s national news including: top health leaders question Ebola quarantines; why “personhood” is a buzzword in Colorado’s November election; and many Americans spent their weekend lending a hand to make a difference.


Saturday October 25, 2014   PNS Weekend Update - October 25, 2014
Among the stories on our nationwide rundown; fighting back against attack ads on voting rights with weekend block parties; New York and New Jersey turn to quarantines in response to Ebola; and an agreement that would protect the home to some of the nation’s best trout fishing.


Friday October 24, 2014   PNS Daily News - October 24, 2014
Featured on our Friday rundown; New York City is now handling its first case of Ebola; former Congressman Dennis Kucinich campaigns to label genetically modified ingredients while National Food Day puts the focus on school meals; plus an off-field rivalry among two of Michigan’s top teams to help students with disabilities.


Thursday October 23, 2014   PNS Daily News - October 23, 2014
In focus on today’s nationwide rundown; President Obama says the U.S. and Canada need to be in synch on terrorism; a new report says Mother Nature offers the best defense for major floods and storms; and parents urged to have a safety talk this week with teen drivers.


Wednesday October 22, 2014   PNS Daily News - October 22, 2014
Today’s coast to coast news features several stories including; the Affordable Care Act is helping to cut the federal budget deficit; there’s a plan in place to guide renewable energy development on over 22 million acres of the California desert; and a new report shows Texas Residents and Businesses Pay $218-Billion in Federal Taxes last year.


Tuesday October 21, 2014   PNS Daily News - October 21, 2014
We’re covering a variety of issues in today’s news including: a multi-state tour aimed at protecting women from gun violence; supporters continue their fight for legalized medical marijuana in Florida; and why some parents want to keep fracking at a distance.


Monday October 20, 2014   PNS Daily News - October 20, 2014
A variety of stories are featured in today’s national news including: some airport workers voicing health concerns over Ebola clean-up; a look at how a government auction could threaten free public television; a report connects outsourcing and campaign donations.


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