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Saturday February 6, 2016   PNS Weekend Update - February 6, 2016
We’ve got eyes on several stories from around the country on this weekend’s rundown. President Obama’s using a positive jobs report to push his budget ideas. Democrats are making some changes to an upcoming presidential caucus. The American Lung Association says Texas is failing its residents when it comes to tobacco use.


Friday February 5, 2016   PNS Daily Newscast -Friday, February 5th,2016.
Here's what we're covering today: The democratic presidential candidates faced off in a debate in New Hampshire, President Obama is planning to reveal a ten dollar a barrel oil tax, and today is Go Red for Women.


Thursday February 4, 2016   PNS Daily News - February 4, 2016
In our news today, the presidential race is heating up in New Hampshire; several of the people involved in an armed standoff in an Oregon wildlife refuge are indicted; you might be surprised at what’s laying around your house that could give you cancer; and college-bound students need to watch out for financial aid scammers.


Wednesday February 3, 2016   PNS Daily News - February 3, 2016
A variety of topics on today’s rundown including; the Zika virus strikes Texas; the presidential contenders battle for New Hampshire; the U.S. Senate beats back an assault on presidential power; and Netflix “Making A Murderer” may be making more sympathetic jurors.


Tuesday February 2, 2016   PNS Daily News - February 2, 2016
Today’s national news focuses on several issues including: a very close fight to the finish in the Iowa Caucuses; the battle over marriage equality may have been won but there’s still work remaining; and it’s not just his shadow that should be frightening Punxsutawney Phil …we’ll explain.


Monday February 1, 2016   PNS Daily News - February 1, 2016
We’re covering stories from states around the nation including: all eyes on Iowa as the first real step in the presidential nominating process begins; awareness could be leading to more reports of human trafficking; and February brings concerns about the nation’s number one killer.


Saturday January 30, 2016   PNS Weekend Update - January 30, 2016
Clinton emails back in the news—also on our weekend rundown; condemnation of ICE raids in Philadelphia; a big win for rooftop solar out West; and the latest hoverboard hazard.


Friday January 29, 2016   PNS Daily Newscast for Friday, January 29th, 2016
Today’s news features a variety of stories including: The Zika virus is spreading explosively in South and Central American, a presidential candidate says Planned Parenthood would get zero funding if she's elected, and Super Bowl Sunday brings with it a warning about television safety.


Thursday January 28, 2016   PNS Daily Newscast - January 28, 2016
On our news agenda today, the armed takeover of a wildlife refuge in Oregon could soon be over after most of the group’s leaders are jailed; Donald Trump says he will be a no-show at tonight’s Republican campaign debate because of his continuing feud with a FOX News anchor; and the uninsured need to sign up for health care coverage by this weekend or they could face a hefty fine.


Wednesday January 27, 2016   PNS Daily News - January 27, 2016
Our coast-to-coast coverage today includes: the standoff on federal lands in Oregon comes to a deadly conclusion; we’ll take a look how a Netflix show is affecting the way some people view the criminal justice system; and civil rights groups are targeting what they call “anti-transgender” laws in South Dakota.


Tuesday January 26, 2016   PNS Daily News - January 26, 2016
In focus in our national rundown: activists behind controversial Planned Parenthood videos face felony charges; new hope for some people locked up for life without parole; and a health insurer says the personal data of nearly one million clients is missing.


Monday January 25, 2016   PNS Daily News - January 25, 2016
Today’s news features a variety of stories including: danger remains as the East Coast digs out from a historic storm; time is short to sign-up for the Health Insurance Marketplace; and concerns raised about the import of African Elephants in the U.S.


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