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Saturday March 28, 2015   PNS Weekend Update - March 28, 2015
A variety of issues on our weekend rundown including; gas pipelines down south clogged up by legal delays; the latest CDC anti-smoking campaign puts a bull’s-eye on e-cigarettes; and the focus is on inclusion during National Developmental Disabilities Month.


Friday March 27, 2015   PNS Daily News - March 27, 2015
Among the stories featured on our Friday rundown; airlines worldwide reported to be considering revamping cockpit rules; Philadelphia police shootings said to be part of a larger pattern; a new report ranks the jobs picture for college grads; and a comeback story for the piping plover.


Thursday March 26, 2015   PNS Daily News - March 26, 2015
Today’s coast-to-coast news highlights several stories including: a GOP budget approved in the House; Oil-by-Rail safety legislation introduced in Congress; and animal cruelty uncovered at a poultry farm that supplies one of the biggest food-service distributors in the U.S.


Wednesday March 25, 2015   PNS Daily News - March 25, 2015
We’re featuring a variety of issues in today’s rundown including: the U.S. Supreme Court takes up EPA power plant pollution limits; a push to ensure pregnant women can get health care coverage under the ACA; and a bill heads to the Indiana governor’s desk that opponents says is a license to discriminate.


Tuesday March 24, 2015   PNS Daily News - March 24, 2015
We’re covering stories from coast to coast, including: a special enrollment is underway to help Americans avoid fines for not having health insurance; and efforts are underway in the Rocky Mountain state to increase the minimum wage; and we’ll tell you about a tug of war between coal and renewable energy in Oregon.


Monday March 23, 2015   PNS Daily News - March 23, 2015
We’re covering stories from coast to coast, including: a new report looks at how political efforts to both cut and increase federal spending will impact the states and nation; and despite strong opposition, lawmakers in Florida are considering a bill that would reverse the state’s ban on guns on college campuses; and it's National Youth Violence Prevention Week.


Saturday March 21, 2015   PNS Weekend Update
In focus on our weekend rundown; a renewable energy bill back on a governor’s desk after an earlier veto; we’ll take you to a state where the public is giving a thumbs up to a higher tobacco tax—and we’ll let you know why a bunch of Boy Scouts will be focused on collecting food this weekend.


Friday March 20, 2015   PNS Daily News - March 20, 2015
Among the stories featured on our Friday rundown; the FBI investigates a possible hate crime in Mississippi while protests follow a bloody arrest at the University of Virginia; with a Supreme Court case in the balance—hundreds of same sex couples celebrating their first wedding anniversary; and a look at a greenhouse gas blind spot on public lands.


Thursday March 19, 2015   PNS Daily News- March 19, 2015
Today’s news covers stories from around the nation including: a payday lending alternative up for consideration in Arizona; West Virginia reversing course on the health impacts of mountain top removal mining; and a push for birth control access for young Texans.


Wednesday March 18, 2015   PNS Daily News - March 18, 2015
We’re highlighting a variety of stories today including; a report finds mixed results in the transparency of state spending; House Republicans announce a budget with deep cuts; and inappropriate medical tests found to be common in the Northeast.


Tuesday March 17, 2015   PNS Daily News - March 17, 2015
We’re covering stories from coast to coast, including: a new report shows LGBT women in the U.S. face frequent harassment, lower pay, and heightened violence; the City of Miami is considering an ordinance that some people believe is meant to punish the city’s homeless population; and country-of-origin labeling and fair trade policies are among the topics at the National Farmers Union Convention underway in Kansas.


Monday March 16, 2015   PNS Daily News - March 16, 2015
We’re covering stories from coast to coast, including: a suspect is arrested in the shootings of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri; President Obama is seeking support for his Student Aid Bill of Rights; and Americans overwhelmingly prefer retiring to areas with protected public lands.


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