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Saturday July 26, 2014   PNS Weekend Update - July 26, 2014
Among the stories on our nationwide rundown: President Obama said to be considering an executive action on deportations; a look at whether Americans are being short-changed on the price of coal; Hobby Lobby sparks a Not My Boss’ Business Act; and we’ll take you to Florida where sea turtles are “Frozen” in a migration race.


Friday July 25, 2014   PNS Daily News - July 25, 2014
Featured on our Friday rundown: President Obama calls for economic patriotism; an update on the North Carolina mayor walking to D.C. to save rural hospitals; Detroit water shut-offs are grabbing international attention; and today marks the 93rd birthday for a very important river.


Thursday July 24, 2014   PNS Daily News - July 24, 2014
Among the stories on today’s rundown; Arizona’s Governor calls for a full review of the lethal injection that took nearly two hours to execute an inmate; hard choices for those living on 77 dollars a week; and vertical farming taking root in Pennsylvania.


Wednesday July 23, 2014   PNS Daily News - July 23, 2014
We’re focusing on several stories including a court ruling that could impact a subsidy of health care reform; medical problems are turning some West Virginians against coal; and Congress looks to cut the cost of child care.


Tuesday July 22, 2014   PNS Daily News - July 22, 2014
Among the stories we’re featuring in today’s rundown: Texas deploys National Guard troops to deal with the immigration crisis; a snapshot of child well-being shows the best and worst states in the country; and some Colorado farmers break ranks with the “Big Ag” lobby.


Monday July 21, 2014   PNS Daily News - July 21, 2014
We’re featuring several stories in today’s rundown including an effort to better assist undocumented children at immigration hearings; a dumping scandal throws a New York youth football team for a loss; and a grieving Wisconsin dad pleads for changes in medical malpractice laws.


Saturday July 19, 2014   PNS Weekend Update - July 19, 2014
In focus on our nationwide rundown; President Obama begins to connect the dots on the downing of flight MH 17; a plea to Congress to prevent community health centers from closing their doors; and this weekend a special focus on the need for women in law enforcement and caring for the land.


Friday July 18, 2014   PNS Daily News - July 18, 2014
Featured on our Friday rundown; President Obama calls for an unimpeded probe into the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight 17; possible murder —that’s what a U.S. Senator says refugee children are fleeing from Central America; and some reasons why Florida coral reefs are forced to swallow a bitter pill.


Thursday July 17, 2014   PNS Daily News - July 17, 2014
On today's nationwide rundown; President Obama’s fix for kids crossing the border meets resistance from U.S. Senate Democrats; concerns here at home about “T-Tip” trade agreement talks overseas; and a mysterious disease that has already killed millions of pigs in 30 states.


Wednesday July 16, 2014   PNS Daily News - July 16, 2014
Among the stories on our rundown: the Protect Women’s Health from Corporate Interference Act could come up for a vote today, we hear from Senate co-sponsor Tom Udall; the health of people and the economy on the rise in Colorado while folks in Tennessee could lose dozens of health clinics; and New Yorkers growing wary of cell phone towers.


Tuesday July 15, 2014   PNS Daily News - July 15, 2014
Among the stories on our nationwide rundown; a bipartisan bill expected in Congress to deal with the crush of unaccompanied kids crossing the border; an Iowa woman recounts her own crossing from El Salvador at age 11; we’ll take you to one state that’s making it easier to vote absentee; and another that’s on the lookout for old roads and bridges in bad need of repair.


Monday July 14, 2014   PNS Daily News - July 14, 2014
Among the issues on our nationwide rundown: a $7 Billion settlement expected in a Justice Department probe into questionable mortgage backed securities; Colorado looking more like the “Wild West” for marriage equality litigation while a new report focuses on homeless LGBT youth; and we hear from a co-author in the Move to Amend movement in the U-S Senate.


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