Updated PNS Daily Newscast - September, 22 2017 

The news we're following on today's rundown: Facebook turns over Russia-linked ads to Congress; how Senate Republicans’ new health-care bill could hurt the fight against the opioid epidemic; and Texas food banks prepare to serve the long-term needs of Harvey victims.

Daily Newscasts


Friday September 8, 2017   PNS Daily Newscast - September 8, 2017
The stories on our rundown today: Hurricane Irma is on track to give Florida a direct hit; groups call on Congress to stabilize the health-care marketplace; and how oats are saving Iowa farmers money and increasing sustainability.


Thursday September 7, 2017   PNS Daily Newscast - September 7, 2017
Featured on today’s nationwide rundown; Florida braces for Hurricane Irma; the EPA review of fuel standards called a waste of Time and Money; a first Amendment win for a West Virginia journalist; and just in time for back to school – a kindness curriculum for teachers.


Wednesday September 6, 2017   PNS Daily News - September 6, 2017
Florida readies for Hurricane Irma; new litigation filed to fight back against a DACA repeal; and a look at legislation that could make college a reality for struggling families. Those stories and more in today’s news.


Tuesday September 5, 2017   PNS Daily News - September 5, 2017
We’re featuring a variety of stories today including: Dreamers bracing for bad news on immigration protections; Hurricane Irma is now a Category Five as it tracks towards the United States; and a new report examines the threats of proposed EPA Cuts.


Monday September 4, 2017   PNS Daily News - September 4, 2017
Here’s a look at what’s making news today: there’s word the President will repeal the DACA program; the U.S. warns of a massive military response following a North Korea bomb test; and a look at the labor market on this day celebrating the American worker.


Saturday September 2, 2017   PNS Weekend Newscast - September 2nd, 2017
Making news this Labor Day weekend: Some Republican lawmakers stepping forward to say it would be wrong to deport hundreds of thousands of young immigrants, as assembly this weekend from a coalition of communities of color working to fight for climate justice, and one state is teaching it's residents about extreme weather events.


Friday September 1, 2017   PNS Daily Newscast - September 1, 2017
On our rundown today: blasts were reported at a Texas chemical plant in the wake of Hurricane Harvey; immigrants celebrate the blocking of a Texas “sanctuary cities” bill; and a new report finds state laws stand in the way of gains for workers.


Thursday August 31, 2017   PNS Daily Newscast - August 31, 2017
In focus on our nationwide rundown; a new tropical storm called Irma forms in the Atlantic; just ahead of Labor Day, President Trump rolls back labor and consumer protections; and sportsmen send a message to Western governors; "Save the Bird, Save the Herd.”


Wednesday August 30, 2017   PNS Daily News - August 30, 2017
Here’s a look at what’s making news today: the death toll rises from Harvey; some Washington detainees hope a hunger strike results in their release; and new research suggests fewer carbs and more fat may lead to a longer life.


Tuesday August 29, 2017   PNS Daily News - August 29, 2017
Amid deadly flooding Texas braces for another two feet of rain; bipartisanship sees a comeback in a climate caucus; and the president’s transgender military ban is facing litigation. Those stories and more in today’s news.


Monday August 28, 2017   PNS Daily News - August 28, 2017
We’re featuring several stories in today’s news including rescue and recovery continuing in the wake of Hurricane Harvey; a look at American ideals 54 years after MLK’s dream speech; and concerns arise over new attempts to replace and repeal Obamacare.


Friday August 25, 2017   PNS Daily Newscast - August 25, 2017
Here's the news we're following on the rundown today: Hurricane Harvey threatens Texas; peaceful protests are planned to combat right-wing rallies in California; and conservation groups say a Department of Energy study of the electric grid is seriously flawed.


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