PNS Daily Newscast - April 23, 2018 

The Waffle House shooter had an earlier weapons arrest near the White House. Also on our Monday rundown: new eviction data underscores America’s affordable-housing crisis; plus we will take you to a state where one county is putting juvenile justice under public health.

Daily Newscasts


Friday May 17, 2013   PNS Daily News - May 17, 2013
Today’s national rundown includes: Democratic leaders in the Senate said to be considering the so called ‘nuclear option’ to get Obama nominees confirmed; supporters of immigration reform using social media blasts to shore up Gang of 8 support; and efforts underway to end adoption discrimination.


Thursday May 16, 2013   PNS Daily News - May 16, 2013
Featured on today’s national rundown: President Obama changes the guard at the IRS, another state adopting stricter gun laws; and lawmakers looking to protect popular fish along the East Coast.


Wednesday May 15, 2013   PNS Daily News - May 15, 2013
Today’s rundown covers a variety of topics including: concerns about sustainable agriculture as the Farm Bill makes its way through Congress; Minnesota lawmakers try to agree on a minimum wage hike and a new agreement means a stinky start to summer in St. Louis.


Tuesday May 14, 2013   PNS Daily News - May 14, 2013
Our rundown today features several stories including: Congress debates cuts to SNAP; the Justice Department accused of spying on journalists; and a transgender student battles a Pennsylvania district over prom and graduation policies.


Monday May 13, 2013   PNS Daily News - May 13, 2013
Our news today highlights a variety of topics including: a political scandal unfolding at the IRS; an Ohio Senator continues to his fight to break up the big banks and why the late snow season is welcome news for some in Colorado.


Saturday May 11, 2013   PNS Weekend Update - May 11, 2013
Featured on our weekend update from Public News Service: an IRS official says conservative groups were improperly singled out for extra scrutiny; letter carriers helping the nation “Stamp-Out Hunger” this weekend; and lot’s happening outdoors including International Migratory Bird Day


Friday May 10, 2013   PNS Daily News - May 10, 2013
Today’s nationwide rundown includes updates on: death penalty charges possible in the Cleveland kidnappings, local experts say the case will have great impact on many rape survivors; strong Latino support for sex education in the Southwest; and moving towards faster Wi-Fi in the clouds.


Thursday May 9, 2013   PNS Daily News - May 9, 2013
A variety of issues covered on today’s national rundown including: a gay marriage vote in Minnesota; housing groups say banks are bungling loan modifications and legislative health victories celebrated for Coloradans.


Wednesday May 8, 2013   PNS Daily News - May 8, 2013
Our coast to coast news features a variety of stories including: Hurricane Sandy nightmares still linger for some children; Texas legislation aims to keep old electronics out of landfills and a look at what it means to be a father in today’s society.


Tuesday May 7, 2013   PNS Daily News - May 7, 2013
We’re highlighting several stories on our national rundown including: nutrition education on the chopping block; a lawsuit seeks to eliminate arsenic in animal feed; and working-family tax credits gain momentum in Colorado.


Monday May 6, 2013   PNS Daily News - May 6, 2013
Featured on today’s nationwide rundown: Wall Street hoping for another record week, but some prefer to invest locally; many pharmacists scratching their heads over new rules for emergency contraceptives; and just what is it that makes a place special—a New England State may have the answer.


Saturday May 4, 2013   PNS Weekend Update - May 4, 2013
Featured on our weekend update: U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte’s “no” vote on gun background checks put the media spotlight on New Hampshire where this weekend activists are focusing on ways to get Congress to act; Homeland Security orders new border checks on international students; and a new report says more needs to be done to deal with pesticide risks to salmon


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