PNS Daily Newscast - February 19, 2018 

Students send a stern message to President Trump on guns; also on our nationwide rundown; we will tell you why canceling student loan debt would boost the economy; plus the Trump Budget calls for a 90-Percent cut to a decades-old Public Lands Program

Daily Newscasts


Friday March 22, 2013   PNS Daily News - March 22, 2013
On today’s national rundown: civil unions for same sex couples legalized in Colorado; Iowa lawmakers consider workplace accommodations for pregnant women; baseball, apple pie and drones - we have a report on privacy concerns from Virginia.


Thursday March 21, 2013   PNS Daily News - March 21, 2013
Featured on today’s national rundown: key issues headed to court—“fracking” in New York and allegations of unruly border agents in Texas; a government watchdog (POGO) accuses the V.A. of covering up delays in veteran’s healthcare; plus the benefits of living in the nation’s “leanest” state.


Wednesday March 20, 2013   PNS Daily News - March 20, 2013
Our coast to coast news covers several stories today including: funding woes continuing for higher education; the U.S. divorce rate keeps on a downward trend; lessons to be learned from an Ohio rape trial; and a Utah photog seeks to snap National Park budget cuts.


Tuesday March 19, 2013   PNS Daily News - March 19, 2013
We're covering a variety of topics today including ; a coffee brewer told to stay out of politics; a voter I-D law still under consideration in North Carolina; and Texas legislation that would add a lifesaving class to the highschool graduation check-list.


Monday March 18, 2013   PNS Daily News - March 18, 2013
Topping today’s national rundown: a report on why defining immigration terms is important to the debate; Medicaid spending projections fall; teacher layoffs continue in California and a experts say identity thieves may be trolling for your tax return.


Friday March 15, 2013   PNS Daily News - March 15, 2013
Featured on today’s coast to coast rundown: don’t look now, but the sequester could cancel summer vacation plans for many across the nation; some school support workers will be learning this weekend about ways to prevent bullying; and a success story from West Virginia in getting folks into affordable housing.


Thursday March 14, 2013   PNS Daily News - March 14, 2013
On our rundown today: It took the Vatican Conclave just one day - now followers of the Catholic faith have a new pope; we have an in depth report on racial bias allegations in a Texas death row case; and tracking paw prints in the snow to protect wildlife and humans.


Wednesday March 13, 2013   PNS Daily News - March 13, 2013
We’re featuring a variety of topics today, including stories on the price tag of drug testing TANF recipients: concerns sequestration could hurt the nation’s recovery; New Mexico public lands dodge a bullet and a new heart warning for a popular antibiotic.


Tuesday March 12, 2013   PNS Daily News - March 12, 2013
We’re covering stories from across the country, including a meeting of the minds over climate change in the North West; business and labor leaders in New York talk immigration reform; a study looks at the importance of buckling up for moms-to-be; and how old appliances can generate cash for Missourians.


Monday March 11, 2013   PNS Daily News - March 11, 2013
Our coast to coast news covers several stories today including a look at the impact of Federal cuts on women and children; a new program aims to prevent child sexual abuse in Idaho; a Maryland task force helps homeless teens and pre-k advocates encourage the President to go to the library.


Friday March 8, 2013   PNS Daily News - March 8, 2013
Featured on today’s national rundown: three states making Affordable Care Act moves; a gun control measure makes it out of committee in Congress; and we look into whether a state transportation construction plan can be complete without bike paths or rail.


Thursday March 7, 2013   PNS Daily News - March 7, 2013
On today’s national rundown: background checks for gun buyers being debated both in Congress and at the state level; abortion restrictions taken to a new level in one state; and the push is on to protect a slice of California and its coastline.


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