PNS Daily News - May 29, 2017 

We’re covering a variety of issues in today’s news including: Germany’s leader notes a disconnect with the United States; remembering the fallen and those left behind on a Memorial Day; and a look at passenger’s rights as summer air travel season kicks into gear.

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Monday May 1, 2017   PNS Daily News - May 1, 2017
Here’s a look at what’s making news today; a deal reached to avoid a government shutdown; immigrants have a May Day message for the President – they’re here to stay; and scientists fight to save an endangered snake from extinction.


Saturday April 29, 2017   PNS Weekend Newscast - April 29th, 2017
Here's what's happening: Donald Trump has now been president of the United States for 100 days, the People's Climate march on Washington is taking place today, and another missle launch from North Korea.


Friday April 28, 2017   PNS Daily Newscast - April 28, 2017
In focus on our rundown today: President Trump says he’ll “renegotiate” NAFTA rather than pull out; Texas groups oppose Congress’ second try at a health care bill; and wildlife takes over a Florida school.


Thursday April 27, 2017   PNS Daily Newscast - April 27, 2017
On today’s nationwide rundown; President Trump reveals an outline for tax reform; we take a look at the cost to consumers on the latest version of the GOP’s American Health Care Act; and why the food industry wants to put nutrition information on the back burner.


Wednesday April 26, 2017   PNS Daily News - April 26, 2017
Among the stories we are featuring today: National monuments at risk under an expected executive order; the latest on negotiations to avoid a government shutdown; and attempts to overturn Citizens United ramp up.


Tuesday April 25, 2017   PNS Daily News - April 25, 2017
Today’s rundown includes a variety of topics including: the White House might consider a border wall compromise to avoid a government shutdown: Pennsylvania lawmakers consider denying the public access to police cam video; and a look at the important role DNA plays in our lives.


Monday April 24, 2017   PNS Daily News - April 24, 2017
We're highlighting several stories in today's news including: Congress returns from recess to a showdown over a border wall; immigrants may face the collateral damage of crime lab misconduct; and President Trump expected to move forward on offshore drilling.


Saturday April 22, 2017   PNS Weekend Newscast - April 22, 2017
In focus on the rundown: Arkansas keeps the pressure on for more executions; we take you to Earth Day actions in New York and Colorado: and look into whether Trump policies are prompting back-door militarization of local police.


Friday April 21, 2017   PNS Daily Newscast - April 21, 2017
In today's headlines: a police officer was killed in Paris days before France goes to the polls; leaked letters show Dow Chemical asked the federal government to drop pesticide studies; and threats of deportation could be reducing reports of domestic violence.


Thursday April 20, 2017   PNS Daily Newscast - Thursday April 20th, 2017
Here's what's making news today: White House spokesman Sean Spicer rubbing it in after a democratic candidate lost in Georgia this week, Exxon Mobil has been losing ground, and scientists are rallying this weekend in 200 plus cities.


Wednesday April 19, 2017   PNS Daily News - April 19, 2017
The President signs a "Hire American" order; efforts to block so-called "baby jails" in Texas; and calls to investigate hundreds of cases of voter fraud in North Carolina - those stories and more in today’s rundown.


Tuesday April 18, 2017   PNS Daily News - Tuesday April 18, 2017
We’re covering a variety of stories including: the U.S. is losing patience with North Korea as nuclear tensions rise; the last oil rig in California’s waters to be decommissioned; and some helpful advice for Americans suffering the wrath of allergy season.


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