PNS Daily Newscast - March 22, 2018 

New research finds stiffer prison terms do not deter drug use. Also on our nationwide rundown: we will take you to a state where 4 in 10 adults have gun; and “ghost” fishing gear killing whales and seals on the West Coast.

Daily Newscasts

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PHILADELPHIA - This is the final day of the popular Cash for Clunkers auto purchase incentive program. In Pennsylvania and across the country ...Read More
PHILADELPHIA - Much of what we buy these days - from children's toys, to drywall for construction projects, to medicines - is made in other countries ...Read More
HARRISBURG, Pa. - Behind the yelling and finger-pointing at recent Pennsylvania town hall meetings on health care reform are a number of issues ...Read More
Harrisburg, PA - Even as health care reform is one of the hottest debates right now, Pennsylvania is already seeing improvements in quality and ...Read More
HARRISBURG, Penn. - Are they a safe alternative to smoking - or just another poor choice for Pennsylvania smokers? Electronic cigarettes, a new ...Read More
PHILADELPHIA - In Pennsylvania and around the nation, recent town hall meetings held by elected officials to discuss health care reform have turned ...Read More
HARRISBURG, Pa. - Nurses who work in state prisons around Pennsylvania handed out surgical masks to state lawmakers in Harrisburg Wednesday saying ...Read More
HARRISBURG, Pa. - Scientists in British Columbia are taking trees from some areas and transplanting them to colder climates, concerned about the ...Read More
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