PNS Daily News - July 26, 2017 

Here’s a look at some of our stories: 20 hours of Senate legislative debate could mean the end of Obamacare; the Justice Department once again takes aim at sanctuary cities; and a push for equality as landmark legislation marks a milestone.

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SALT LAKE CITY – Thousands of Americans die prematurely from air pollution-related diseases associated with burning coal, and a new study from ...Read More
SALT LAKE CITY – Even a 25-percent cut to SNAP - enough to leave thousands more in Utah hungry - can't make the White House budget math add up ...Read More
SALT LAKE CITY -- Representatives of a Native American tribe in Alaska are making their way across the Southwest in an effort to raise public awarenes ...Read More
SALT LAKE CITY – As world leaders prepare to meet at this week's G-7 summit in Italy, nine Catholic dioceses and religious orders in the U.S ...Read More
SALT LAKE CITY – In honor of Mother's Day, activists with the group, Utah Indivisible, concerned about the impacts of the American Health Care ...Read More
SSALT LAKE CITY – How many moms asked for equal pay for Mother's Day? Women are now the sole or co-breadwinner in half of American families wi ...Read More
SALT LAKE CITY – Despite claims by some politicians, fake news, social media and search algorithms don't sway public opinion, according to a ...Read More
SALT LAKE CITY – More than 50 multi-millionaires have signed a letter urging President Donald Trump and Congress to abandon their attempts to ab ...Read More
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