PNS Weekend Newscast - July 22nd, 2017 

Here's a look at what we're covering: The new White House communications director is expressing his love and loyalty to Donald Trump, more meetings between then Senator Jeff Sessions and the Russians being disclosed, and environmental groups say drilling in New York has contaminated wells.

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Public News Service - FL: Welfare Reform

Health-care coverage for millions of Floridians is at stake in the November elections. (click/morguefile)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — As Floridians prepare to cast their ballots in November, a new analysis looks at the impact on health-care coverage in the state of a Trump versus a Clinton presidency. Republican nominee Donald Trump has said he would eliminate the Affordable Care Act's health insurance

Many Floridians miss out on tens of thousands of dollars by claiming Social Security benefits early, according to new data. Courtesy: Social Security Administration

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - They are among the most important decisions older Americans, face when to stop working and sign up for Social Security and experts say the majority of Floridians leave money on the table by not considering all the options. Most people think of reaching retirement age and colle

PHOTO: Florida's Gov. Rick Scott is one of a number of Republican governors who have refused to accept federal money to expand their states' Medicaid programs. Illustration credit: Sam Beddoes/Flickr Creative Commons.

MIAMI - The state of Florida finds itself in an enviable position. It's expecting a $1 billion surplus in the upcoming fiscal-year budget. Gov. Rick Scott's proposed budget includes increasing public-school spending - but it does not include expanding Florida's Medicaid program. Scott, who credits

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Florida stands to get $4.4 billion in federal stimulus money for Medicaid, which Florida Economic Stimulus Special Advisor Don Winstead calls "the greatest increase in funding of any of the states." The federal government will now pay nearly 68 percent of Medicaid costs for Flori

Tallahassee, FL - As Florida legislators deliberate what to cut from the state budget, community action workers are travelling to Tallahassee to tell them about a new campaign they say is rooting out poverty with federal stimulus dollars. John Edwards, board chairman of Community Action Partnershi

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