PNS Daily News - April 25, 2017 

Today’s rundown includes a variety of topics including: the White House might consider a border wall compromise to avoid a government shutdown: Pennsylvania lawmakers consider denying the public access to police cam video; and a look at the important role DNA plays in our lives.

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More than 49,000 inmates currently are held in Pennsylvania state prisons. (ErikaWittlieb/

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Gov. Tom Wolf wants to close two state prisons to cut costs, but civil-rights advocates fear that could lead to overcrowding. Closing the prisons by June 30th could save the cash-strapped commonwealth as much as $160 million in the coming fiscal year. There are fewer prisoner

Jailing and fining students or parents for truancy can trap families in a cycle of debt. (

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Pennsylvania's new truancy law makes some major improvements, but puts poor families at risk of increased penalties that don't solve the problem, according to critics. The new law puts an emphasis on addressing root causes of truancy in the schools and dealing with cases on

Under SB976, those requesting body camera data would have to be able to identify everyone in the video before viewing it. (North Charleston/Flickr)

HARRISBURG, Pa. – A measure approved by the state Senate would put severe restrictions on access to video recorded by police body cams. The amendment to the state's wiretap law was meant to overcome police concerns with recording audio and video in private homes. But according to Andy Hoover

Advocates say that inadequate legal defense is the leading cause of wrongful convictions. (Erika Wittlieb/Pixabay)

PHILADELPHIA – The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that people who use a public defender can sue if a county fails to adequately fund its public defenders' office. The decision overturns lower court rulings that had said criminal defendants aren't allowed to file lawsuits to protect their

The Mobile Justice App records video directly to ACLU Servers. (ACLUPA)

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - Thousands of people have traveled to Philadelphia to rally and protest at the Democratic National Convention, and civil liberties advocates are on hand to be sure the protesters' rights are protected. Initially the city tried to ban marches on a main street connecting City Hall a

The use of solitary confinement on youth can cause trauma, mental distress, and increase risk of suicide and self-harm. (@RichardRoss,

PHILADELPHIA – A time out, protective custody and segregation are all terms used to describe solitary confinement – a practice experienced by hundreds of youth in juvenile detention facilities in the U.S. And solitary confinement is coming into the spotlight as the Democratic National

Workers say low-wage airport jobs help keep Philadelphia No. 1 for poverty. (32BJ SEIU)

PHILADELPHIA – A panel discussion at Philadelphia's City Hall on Monday threw a spotlight on the plight of low wage black workers. The NAACP joined with union and community leaders to connect the dots between poverty, violence and the role of good paying jobs in relieving deep-seated racial

Pennsylvania is one of 19 states that terminates Medicaid coverage for people who are incarcerated. (George Hodan/

HARRISBURG, Pa. - In Pennsylvania, the end of a jail sentence often means the end of health care too, but a change in the state's Human Services Code could fix that. Right now, Medicaid is terminated when people are incarcerated and the state or county pays for their medical care. When they're rele

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