PNS Daily Newscast - April 24, 2018 

Trump’s Secretary of State nominee gets a narrow thumbs up, but his Veteran’s Affairs nominee is put on hold. Also on our rundown: Protests against Wells Fargo set for Des Moines today; and cannabis advocates blame Florida officials for “reefer madness.”

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Talk of "socialized medicine," of "rationing" of health care, and of "death panels" - all scare tactics, according to AARP ...Read More
EUGENE, Ore. - When it comes to health care reform, you may get more accomplished by chatting than by shouting. That's the hope of some Oregon ...Read More
TUCSON, Ariz. - There is concern in some quarters that women in Arizona could be left behind as critics of reproductive health care grow louder in ...Read More
COLUMBUS, Ohio - An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but fixing the nation's health care crisis is much more complicated. As the August ...Read More
Las Vegas, NV - Nevada consumers may soon have new recourse against foreign companies whose products cause injury or death. Much of what Silver ...Read More
HARRISBURG, Pa. - Behind the yelling and finger-pointing at recent Pennsylvania town hall meetings on health care reform are a number of issues ...Read More
MINNEAPOLIS - President Obama's healthcare reform message at a town hall meeting on Tuesday was that the status quo is failing many Americans ...Read More
LAS VEGAS - The University of Nevada-Las Vegas is host today to a major clean energy summit. Former President Bill Clinton, former Vice President Al ...Read More
SEATTLE - The primary election is coming up next week here in Washington, and even the convenience of mail-in ballots in 38 counties is not expected ...Read More
PHILADELPHIA - In Pennsylvania and around the nation, recent town hall meetings held by elected officials to discuss health care reform have turned ...Read More
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