PNS Daily Newscast - April 24, 2018 

Trump’s Secretary of State nominee gets a narrow thumbs up, but his Veteran’s Affairs nominee is put on hold. Also on our rundown: Protests against Wells Fargo set for Des Moines today; and cannabis advocates blame Florida officials for “reefer madness.”

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Poverty Issues

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - As Congress considers the future of the Social Security and Medicare systems, it's worth taking a look at what the country was ...Read More
COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Easter season is considered a time of personal reflection, and some members of Ohio's faith community say this year ...Read More
COLUMBUS, Ohio - Just in time for the Easter season, pork producers in Ohio are making one of the largest one-time donations of pork to help ...Read More
CHARLESTON, W.Va. - April is Financial Literacy Month, but the founder of the Center for Financial Social Work says there is more to financial ...Read More
RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas - The state Senate is considering a measure to constrain "payday lending" practices. Texas leads the nation in businesses ...Read More
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - It's a line of cash that the public doesn't usually consider, but billions of dollars flow each year into the health care system ...Read More
RICHMOND, Va. - Today is the day when Virginians are staring at the tax deadline, but thousands are breathing a bit easier because they got some much- ...Read More
ST. PAUL, Minn. - With today's tax deadline, faith leaders across Minnesota are renewing the call on state lawmakers to take a balanced approach to ...Read More
AUSTIN, Texas - Texas lawmakers are considering measures today that would address a chronic shortfall in funding for state legal aid programs ...Read More
SPOKANE, Wash. – Washington spends more than $800 million a year on corrections, and advocates for children believe there's a way to reduce ...Read More
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