PNS Weekend Newscast - July 22nd, 2017 

Here's a look at what we're covering: The new White House communications director is expressing his love and loyalty to Donald Trump, more meetings between then Senator Jeff Sessions and the Russians being disclosed, and environmental groups say drilling in New York has contaminated wells.

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Poverty Issues

CHICAGO - Some believe homelessness in Illinois could become an even greater problem if members of a Congressional committee fail to allocate sufficie ...Read More
NEW YORK - Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers will breathe a little easier as 60 U.S. Senators took a cue from President Obama and, on Tuesday ...Read More
PORTLAND, Ore. - One man with a firsthand view of the Congressional fight over extending unemployment benefits can be seen in Southeast Portland's ...Read More
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Lower-income Tennesseans pay out a larger percentage of their income for groceries than do more affluent consumers, as is often ...Read More
CHICAGO - Four may be the lucky number for the thousands of Illinois residents who have been looking for work for so long that their unemployment bene ...Read More
PORTLAND, Ore. - A U.S. House committee has taken the first step to reauthorize federal food programs, from school and summer lunches to nutrition ...Read More
HARRISBURG, Pa. - Millions of Americans who can't find work are holding their breaths, waiting to see if Congress will extend their unemployment ...Read More
CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Advocates say they are having some success with a national program designed to prevent child abuse by strengthening families ...Read More
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - As early as Monday, Senate leaders in Washington could vote to re-authorize extended unemployment benefits, but Florida workers ...Read More
DES MOINES, Iowa - A new study backs up what homeless shelters statewide have been reporting; a big jump in homelessness in the last year. The report ...Read More
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