PNS Weekend Newscast - May 27th, 2016 

In the news this weekend: an attack in Egypt kills over two dozen people, President Trump's son in law is under the microscope in the Russian spying investigation, and it may take an entire village to save the planet.

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. – More than 50 multi-millionaires have signed a letter urging President Donald Trump and Congress to abandon their attempts to ...Read More
ANNAPOLIS, Md. - A conservation group is raising questions about Dow Chemical's attempts to convince the Trump administration to drop studies that ...Read More
ANNAPOLIS, Md. – About 940,000 Marylanders receive Social Security benefits, and a proposal to change the way the program is funded is being ...Read More
BALTIMORE – A new report looks at how much money is being raised by Parent Teacher Associations across the country, and reveals that schools in ...Read More
ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- Since 2004, home ownership rates for African Americans have been on the decline in Maryland and across the country. Several ...Read More
ANNAPOLIS, Md. - A new report shows a booming business in stopping leaks in natural-gas pipelines across the country. While cleaner air is good news ...Read More
BALTIMORE — Young people in trouble with the law in Maryland have benefited from an updated approach to juvenile justice. This year marks the ...Read More
ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- As the GOP trys to resuscitate its plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, the debate over how to fix health care in the U.S ...Read More
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