PNS Weekend Newscast - May 27th, 2016 

In the news this weekend: an attack in Egypt kills over two dozen people, President Trump's son in law is under the microscope in the Russian spying investigation, and it may take an entire village to save the planet.

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CONCORD, N.H. -- President Trump's call to increase military spending by $54 billion likely means cuts will be made to some politically sensitive ...Read More
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PORTSMOUTH, N.H. -- As President Donald Trump continues to make good on promises to deport undocumented immigrants, and both Portsmouth and Durham ...Read More
CONCORD, N.H. – The question was made famous during the Watergate scandal: What did the president know and when did he know it? Now, just over ...Read More
CONCORD, N.H. -- A change in gun laws is close to taking effect in New Hampshire, and many police chiefs are concerned about its impact on local ...Read More
CONCORD, N.H. -- A group of lawmakers in the U.S. House has introduced a bill to amend the Constitution in an effort to fight the influence of so- ...Read More
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