PNS Daily Newscast - November 17, 2017 

The Keystone oil pipeline spills big time in South Dakota; a look at the GOP tax plan and it’s impact on the most vulnerable Americans; and renewed hope for Maine’s Katahdin Woods and Waters national monument.

Daily Newscasts

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New York, NY/Seattle, WA - Washington ranks number 13 in a new survey by state of how healthy our citizens are, and a major reason a dozen states are ...Read More
Seattle, WA - College students may not have much money to donate to charitable causes, but this summer, they're making up for it with their time and ...Read More
Seattle, WA - Low- and middle-income parents can sign their kids up now for health insurance that goes into effect in late July. Expanding the ...Read More
Washington, DC/Wenatchee, WA - For the children of Washington's migrant workers, a summer job means long hours in the fields and orchards. Kids work ...Read More
Olympia, WA - The people who operate group homes for seniors and people with disabilities in Washington may vote to unionize, and they'd be the ...Read More
Many Washington workers are feeling the squeeze between low wages and a high cost of living, and experts say that's hurting their family lives ...Read More
Congressional leaders believe they can deliver a new Farm Bill before the August recess and Washington farmers are hoping they're right. This year ...Read More
Seattle, WA - It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. A new campaign launches today to get everyday folks involved in cleaning up Puget Sound -- ...Read More
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