Our content is unique among independent news providers in spanning geographic, political and technical divides. By educating and informing the public and thought-leaders seeking information and solutions to local/national/global issues in a non-partisan manner, we have demonstrated success impacting public policy. Ensuring coverage for the critical issues and voices of our day, we're solving three problems: providing content for hard-pressed media outlets; lifting up public interest voices that inspire and raise our level of civic dialogue; and preserving an educated and informed population critical to a vibrant democracy.

Now offering "seamless delivery" via legacy, new and digital media, Public News Service content is used at the local and national level by print, radio, TV and online outlets, from local newspapers, community broadcasters and blogs to national networks like Huffington Post, Clear Channel (now known as News Talk Network), CBS, Sirius Satellite Radio and Native Network News. We distribute to 10s of thousands of media outlets and over 8,000 are regularly using our content, reaching individuals and thought-leaders seeking information and solutions.

The Issues We Cover

The graph below illustrates the coverage of funded issues from last year. A well-rounded news service helps ensure the greatest media outlet pickup. Counter to what one might think, the more stories we send out, the more they are all picked up and redistributed.

Issues Number of Stories Media Pickup
Youth Issues211,114

If you don't see stories on topics you care deeply about...
that means the funds aren't there yet! We invite you to "adopt an orphan issue" and boost reporting on what is most important to you.