Llega a la Comunidad Hispana con Noticias y Entrevistas (Spanish Language News and Interviews)

"Estamos muy emocionados que están haciendo este servicio, Por fin, hemos estado esperando por mucho tiempo." (We are excited you are doing this. We’ve been waiting a long time.)*

As the demand for Spanish news content rises, the benefits of our commitment, relationship building and consistent outreach (since 2003) continue to grow. We offer a Spanish language add-on which gives members the option of supporting translation, distribution and tracking of our stories into Spanish, as well as a talk-show booking service in collaboration with Mainstream Media Project.

"Esto es algo que nuestra comunidad necisita." (This is something our community is really hurting for.)*

Last year, we produced 215 Spanish stories in 14 different states. Our multi-platform reach ranges from grassroots local community outlets to national networks in the U.S. and Mexico. Some notable major market and national outlets that picked up these stories include: KXOL-FM Los Angeles; KIQI-AM San Francisco; KLTM-TV Telemundo; La Voz Hispanic Newspaper; Radio Bilingue and Notimex - Mexican News Agency, Mexico City. In addition, all are shared on Social Media and many of these stories trigger scores of additional interview on Spanish radio talk sow programs and other TV and print coverage.

Getting Started, So Much More than Just Translation

"Hoy tengo información sobre los enciendo en los bosques, es todo! Los necisitamos." (Today I have news about the forest fires, and that’s it. We could use you.)*

As a Public News Service supporter, you can add-on a Spanish component. There are two major components to this support. Each story funded by your English membership support will also be produced in Spanish, distributed and tracked. And for your own purposes, you get access to a Spanish-language media coordinator and advisor, who works closely with your organization to help you develop strategies to reach the Spanish-speaking community in your state(s), whether that’s booking talk show interviews through a collaboration with Mainstream Media Project, recording PSAs or translations of your own news releases. We can meet you where you are, and help you get to the next level in your outreach to Spanish-speaking communities.

"Cada mañana ya usamos el servicio en ingles y podemos usar lo que nos mandes." (We already use your [English] service about every morning and we’d use whatever else you could give us.)*

As a side benefit, you get additional help identifying and honing the interview skills and confidence of your own Spanish-speaking experts.

With the editorial add-on, each story is not just translated word for word (which can lead to misunderstanding), but created to flow directly to those that speak Spanish as their first language and carry an authentic message across the language barrier. And the best part is that you are free to then take that translation and use it any way you want!

"Este servicio nos dará otra voz y otra dimensión a nuestra estación." (It would give us another voice and add another dimension to our station.)*

Distribution that Matters

We have worked hard to build and maintain relationships with Spanish-speaking outlets in your state, and our distribution system is constantly evolving and growing. While we can't guarantee pick-up, we can guarantee that each story will be seen by all the Spanish outlets in a given market, and our usage steadily grows as we offer more content and continue to nurture relationships with other media outlets.

Tracking You Can Count On

Utilizing the same tracking system that we use throughout Public News Service, we can accurately track and report on how well each story does. This gives you the accountability that builds your own credibility with your board, ED, or anyone interested in how well your issues are being covered!

Talk Show Bookings - "The Long Tail"

Thanks to a very special partnership with the Mainstream Media Project, our supporters may also take advantage of a reduced price for their talk-show booking service for your Spanish speaking spokespeople. These bookings have historically resulted in excellent continued media coverage. Here's an example: our MMP oordinator booked a member on a local radio talk show in Nevada. This triggered another interview on a local TV news program in Las Vegas, which then inspired another journalist who published an article quoting the speaker in a local Spanish-language newspaper.

Another great example: one interview from a booking in Washington State earned the member pick up by Radio Bilingüe, which airs on over a hundred radio stations in Spanish in the U.S. and Latin American countries.

One-Off Translations

Don’t want the full add-on? In special circumstances, we are happy to offer one-off translations of stories (in certain states) for those that have a single story that needs translation and distribution.

What are you waiting for?

If you want to increase your news, interviews and outreach to the Spanish-speaking community, we don’t know of an easier or more cost-effective way! Contact us to find out how to fund Spanish news coverage in Ohio!

*Comentarios a través de los medios de comunicación españoles (Comments throughout from Spanish media outlets)