PNS Weekend Newscast - June 25th, 2017 

Here's what we're covering.....Another Republican has come out against President Trump's healthcare bill, advocates across the country are speaking out about the new GOP plan for healthcare, and actor Johnny Depp is apologizing for joking around the President Donald Trump should be assassinated

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Public News Service - WI: Urban Planning/Transportation

A University of Wisconsin study says old power plants that kick in to meet peak power demands are also huge polluters of the air. (Wikimedia Commons)

MADISON, Wis. - Although the hottest days of summer are still many weeks away, a new University of Wisconsin-Madison study is the first to shed light on the exact relationship between air conditioning use and power plant emissions. Soaring temperatures typically coincide with the days of highest ai

Wisconsin state Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Middleton, says the Legislature must address the state's lagging economy and declining wages in its 2017 agenda. (Official Wisconsin Legislature photo)

MADISON, Wis. - As the year draws to an end, Wisconsin Democrats say job and wage growth in the state is stagnant, which has compounded the challenges facing families in the Badger State. As Republicans plan to stay the course of austerity and cuts to existing budgets, Democrats say 2017 should bri

Wisconsin still has 176,000 lead pipes carrying water into homes, which is one reason for the state's higher percentage of children with high blood lead levels. (Giambra/iStockPhoto)

MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin's blood lead poisoning levels among children are similar to the 2015 rate in Flint, Mich., according to a new report from the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families (WCCF). This is National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, and blood lead poisoning is termed a prev

A state senator from northern Wisconsin says the state's scarce transportation funds are going to build roads in Milwaukee and Madison, not to fix rural roads that need maintenance. (WI Dept. of Trans.)

MADISON, Wis. – Democratic state Sen. Janet Bewley, who represents a district in northern Wisconsin, has introduced legislation that would repeal the Manufacturing and Agricultural Tax Credit and use the money to repair roads and bridges in rural Wisconsin. Bewley says the tax break benefits

A new law regarding cell-phone use on Wisconsin roads goes into effect October first. (Natalia Belatelova/

MADISON, Wis. - Every day in the United States, eight people are killed and more than 1,000 are injured by crashes involving distracted drivers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Wisconsin is one of 46 states that have laws against texting while driving, but a new law tha

Workers took nearly a decade to replace every lead water pipe in Madison, Wis., but now the city and state are helping other communities struggling with the problem. (Madison Water Utility)

MADISON, Wis. - Several years ago, long before the crisis in Flint, Mich., Madison became the first community in the nation to replace all lead water pipes. Several other Wisconsin communities – including Green Bay, Wausau, Kaukauna, Marshfield and others – either have replacement pro

Extensive tests have shown that even hands-free cell phone use is a dangerous distraction for drivers. (American Automobile Association)

MADISON, Wis. - If a law enforcement officer sees you talking on a handheld cell phone while driving in a construction zone, you could be pulled over and fined. Gov. Scott Walker has signed into law a bill that imposes a fine of $20 to $40 for drivers who get caught violating the new law. A second

The St. Croix Crossing Bridge now under construction will connect Oak Park Heights, Minn. and St. Joseph, Wis. It's one of the few infrastructure projects actually moving forward in Wisconsin. (Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation)

MADISON, Wis. – A new report from the nonpartisan Wisconsin Budget Project says state and local governments are neglecting to make investments in infrastructure in the Badger State. This includes such essentials as schools, roads and water supply. State spending on infrastructure fell to a

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