Pioneers in Our Field

Public News Service pioneered the first member-supported independent news service model in the commercial space and we are constantly innovating and finding new ways to add benefit to all that we offer our supporters. The list is constantly growing - please check out the latest benefits below!

Membership Benefit Review Webinar

We encourage you to make the most of your membership, and our webinar will help you keep abreast of all the newest reports, latest ways to get the greatest pickup for your issues, and best practices for members. It is also an excellent opportunity to be able to ask one-on-one questions of our regional producers and outreach staff.

Spanish translation, distribution, and talk show booking

This is an easy and very effective add-on to your membership that can help broaden reach and widen audience numbers! See our Spanish Language section for more details.

Daily National News Podcast

Many of the state stories are included in our daily national newscast for mobile devices that is available on iTunes, Stitcher, other sites and our own webpage.

Free PNS RSS Widget for your site

This customizable widget (an example can be seen to the left of this page), can be put on any page of your site. It provides a constantly updating stream of stories with issues you choose from any geographic region you select. This widget is easy to add and perfect for any site, from improving an active website to a fairly quiet and low-content site that you are looking to enhance without much effort or expense. This is especially ideal for those of you with “recent events/news/media” sections on your website.

Our widgets look very professional, they are never out of date, and take no work from you after the initial effort to get the code on your site. It’s a great way to keep your community aware of the exciting developments on things you care about.

Discounts on leadership trainings

Our sister non-profit, Media in the Public Interest, provides strategic communications, both live and virtual, to Public News Service members and other NGOs around the country. Here are some samples:

  • MPI’s “Ask A Reporter” training is a popular one-hour briefing and Q & A with Public News Service’s top producers who provide honest and informed feedback on your toughest media questions.

  • "Communicating Across Divides: Building Bridges With Polar Opposites" is MPI's groundbreaking strategic communications training that helps show you how to "get through" and creatively problem-solve amont those with very different opinions.

    With facilitators Eric Haas (formerly with Rockridge Institute) and Patty Beach (protégé of Barry Johnson, creator of Polarity Thinking & Management), the training allows organizations as well as individuals to become "multi-lingual" across worldviews, enabling people to get beyond their base and build consensus for progress and solutions—something especially valuable for those working on divisive issues. Nonprofit leaders leave the training with solid tools to better navigate polarities they often face and therefore better equipped to mobilize public opinion and promote positive policy outcomes.

Public News Service members receive significantly discounted registration rates, so keep your eyes open for training offerings in the future and sign up!

Discounts on PR packages

Need a little straight-up PR or 501c4 work? Want to put out a story in a state where we have not yet launched? SoundBite Services produces native advertising and content marketing more affordably than any other company we’ve found, and gets wider pickup. In addition, all profits go to fund PNS member scholarships – and, PNS supporters get a 50% discount on top of all that. Check out our PR Needs section to find out more!