over 60 Million per Week Through 8,000 Media Outlets

Now offering "seamless delivery" via legacy, new and digital media, Texas News Service content is used at the local and national level by print, radio, TV and online outlets, from local newspapers, community broadcasters and blogs to national networks like Huffington Post, Clear Channel (now known as News Talk Network), CBS, Sirius Satellite Radio and Native Network News. We distribute to 10s of thousands of media outlets and over 8,000 are regularly using our content, reaching individuals and thought-leaders seeking information and solutions.

Last year, Texas News Service produced 147 stories and 12 Spanish news stories, which aired a minimum of 4,241 times on 95 radio stations and used by 84 print/online outlets and 23 television stations for a total of 202 media outlets in Texas and border states and 147 regionally/nationwide. An average of 20 media outlets broadcast or ran each story in their paper and/or on their web page.

About 1/3 of this content was picked up by national networks, like (formerly known as Clear Channel’s) News Talk Network, Sirius, CBS and Native News Network.

More on Social Media

Each story is Tweeted and shared through other social media channels, reposted on hundreds of websites and often included in our daily national news podcasts for mobile devices through iTunes, Stitcher and others, as well as our own public website.

This broad reach does not happen by accident, and it doesn't happen with PR.

Why Solution-Focused Journalism Matters (More Than Ever)

There is a 'new normal' as journalism reinvents itself. Gaining access to the dominant media is increasingly dependent on being able to relate to journalists in time-saving ways.

Often this expertise comes with a hefty price tag, and those with fewer resources have a harder time being heard and taken seriously in the public arena. In fact, annual spending in the U.S. on PR services (already at $4 billion) is expected to grow 55 percent (to $8.3 billion) from 2009 to 2013 (view the complete article here.)

The public officially owns the airwaves, but the companies that run them sell that airspace, and in general media outlets see any space under their control as "real estate" with financial value. Larger corporations and charitable institutions have the resources to underwrite content in return for branding and advertising. Public broadcasting allows small donors to vote for the specific programs they like. Our model allows anyone to fund, or help fund, independent reporting on any issue.

This is a new model that allows anyone or any organization to be a philanthropist. Our content has to be extremely useful for other outlets to give up their "real estate" for it. Otherwise, you can see below how much they charge for advertising. (There is no way to compare news to advertising, but we don't have any other models to compare to help show the value of our work.)

  • a 1/6 page ad in Austin American Statesman can run $2,270
  • a 30 second radio ad on KRLD-FM (CBS) can be as much as $500
  • booking a 30 second spot on KXAN-TV (NBC) costs at least $640
  • the average minimum for an Audio News Release (ANR) is $2,000 to produce and distribute one radio actuality statewide
None of those buys guarantee a reader will flip to the page an ad is on, won't change the radio station when they go to commercial, or won't fast forward through the ads with their DVR.

Texas News Service is an independent public-interest news service and what we do is not advertising or PR, but goes beyond anything that PR can regularly achieve. With news, we're providing a highly valuable product that other journalists and media outlets need. And, as new platforms are created, our content adapts easily and supports the rapidly changing news and information environment.

Overall, TNS is part of a network reaching over 24 million people weekly through over 8,000 other outlets.

Market Share Coverage in Texas

Last year our stories got picked up by a significant share of radio stations in the top media markets of Texas - the graph below illustrates the pickup in each market. We would love to get the same great coverage for issues you care about now!

Media Market Print
Radio Television
Abilene TX 1
Amarillo TX 7 1
Austin TX 1 1 5
Beaumont-Port Arthur TX 3 1
Killeen-Temple TX 1 1
Laredo TX 1 1
Las Cruces NM 1
Lawton OK 3
Lubbock TX 1 4
Lufkin-Nacogdoches TX 2
McAllen-Brownsville TX 1 2 2
San Angelo TX 4
San Antonio TX 1 3
Shreveport LA 3
Texarkana TX-AR 1
Tyler-Longview TX 2
Non-Major Markets 42 66 1

The Issues We Cover

The graph below illustrates the coverage of funded issues from last year in Texas. A well-rounded news service helps ensure the greatest media outlet pickup. Counter to what one might think, the more stories we send out, the more they are all picked up and redistributed.

Issue Number of Stories Media Pickup
Animal Welfare 2 66
Budget Policy & Priorities 6 233
Campaign Finance Reform/Money in Pol 1 25
Children's Issues 9 298
Climate Change/Air Quality 6 105
Education 6 170
Endangered Species & Wildlife 6 170
Energy Policy 7 238
Environment 14 452
Health Issues 27 737
Hunger/Food/Nutrition 8 257
Immigrant Issues 8 196
Juvenile Justice 2 50
LGBTQIA Issues 2 55
Livable Wages/Working Families 13 465
Senior Issues 6 122
Water 2 67

If you don't see stories on topics you care deeply about...
that means the funds aren't there yet! Download a list of issues that your funding can help support today! Our "orphan issues" do not receive any funding at all - would you consider "adopting" coverage on what is most important to you?
Join the Texas News Service now to make sure issues you care about are covered!