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Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Some South Dakota farmers are unhappy with industrial ag getting conservation funds; Texas judge allows abortion in Cox case; Native tribes express concern over Nevada's clean energy projects.

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The Colorado Supreme Court weighs barring Trump from office, Georgia Republicans may be defying a federal judge with a Congressional map splitting a Black majority district and fake electors in Wisconsin finally agree Biden won there in 2020.

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Texas welcomes more visitors near Big Bend but locals worry the water won't last, those dependent on Colorado's Dolores River fear the same but have found common ground solutions, and a new film highlights historical healthcare challenges in rural Appalachia.

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Who We Are

Mission and Purpose

Public News Service is an independent, member-supported news organization providing "news in the public interest" through a network of independent state newswires. Our journalists report on a broad spectrum of public interest topics with the goal of promoting an informed citizenry to support vibrant, equitable, and participatory communities – ultimately leading to a healthier democracy. We work with a range of organizations – nonprofits, foundations, social enterprises – and individuals that help "Fund-A-Beat," to report on critical issues that receive too little coverage, lift up voices that often go unheard in the media, and make greater journalistic breadth available to broadcasters and publishers on any platform. Our unique, solutions-oriented, and locally-focused reporting and collaborative approach to distributing stories brings public interest news to audiences across geographic and political divides.

Our Team

Public News Service is made up of a close-knit team of committed journalists and long-time nonprofit staffers. On a day-to-day basis, our team connects with hundreds of grassroots organizations who keep us informed on a cross-cutting range of social justice, environmental, and economic issues. Our journalists are broadcast veterans whose credits include the New York Times, NPR, and major networks and dailies across the country.

Our Founding and History

Public News Service was founded in Idaho in 1996 by Lark Corbeil, a long-time journalist who came from Reuters. After noticing the severe shortages in the scope and depth of local news, PNS pioneered the "Fund-A-Beat" model and launched the first ever radio-serving state newswire. Over the last nearly 30 years, PNS has grown one state at a time, recruiting experienced journalists to establish a national network for state-level public interest news.

What We Do

State-level newswires

Public News Service is a national newswire with a local focus. Through a network of state-based newswires, PNS reports state-level, public interest news and seeks to help the average American answer the question, "how does this news impact me today?" Public News Service stories are used across a spectrum of local media: on the radio, on TV news, in your favorite blog, or in the newspaper – helping PNS stories reach audiences who may not otherwise have access to public interest news.

Republish Our Stories

All original Public News Service stories can be used for free, if you credit and link to us. All rights remain with PNS, and our material may not be resold. Photos may be used only with the PNS story they accompany, with proper credit. Any article on the PNS site originally published by a different outlet must credit and link back to that original outlet. Click here to sign up to republish stories, or reach us at for more information.

Story Distribution

Every day Public News Service distributes free stories across the country, with a reach that spans the largest newsrooms to the smallest outlets. Public News Service distributes our reporting to over 10,000 media outlets each day to publish on their own platforms. Each of our stories includes a print/website version with photos and graphics, audio files from our producers, a broadcast script for media personnel to read on air, and source information/contacts for local reporters to pursue interviews on their own. PNS reporting is consumed on thousands of radio, print, and TV outlets every year.

The Fund-A-Beat Model

Any organization can pledge support for Public News Service reporting with the understanding that they are helping to fund independent journalism committed to the public interest. Support can be earmarked for reporting on specific issue categories. Foundations, nonprofits, and other organizations can support our reporting through membership, grants, or charitable donations. The Fund-A-Beat model works as a cooperative model to develop local news: our supporters’ passion and expertise drives the issues that need coverage, and our journalists develop original independent journalism to broaden public awareness. On a day-to-day basis, our journalists link with hundreds of NGOs who share our goal of creating compelling news that fosters social awareness and change. Contact for more information.

Contact Us

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Boulder, CO 80304
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Toll free: 888.891.9416
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Complete Staff List

Joshua Wise
Managing Director

Mary Schuermann Kuhlman
Managing Editor

Chris Thomas
News Director

Kathryn Pardo
Director of Operations

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