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Monday, May 27, 2024

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At least 15 dead as severe weather sweeps across central US; on Memorial Day, IA labor leaders honor fallen workers; Medical center installs microgrid to safeguard clinic power supply; 'Second look' laws gain traction, but MS sticks to elderly parole; Will summer heat melt New Mexicans' cravings for ice cream?

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One congressman cites ways Biden could get more support from communities of color. A new Louisiana law reclassifies two abortion medications as controlled substances. And Ohio advocates work to boost youth voter turnout.

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Smokey Bear thought only "you" could prevent forest fires, but decomposing mushrooms may also help, a Native American community in Oregon is achieving healthcare sovereignty, and Colorado farmers hope fast-maturing, drought-tolerant seeds will better handle climate change.

Media Reform

Parents of young people harmed by social media platforms are urging Congress to pass the
Parents press for online child safety reforms amid Congressional reform

Massachusetts parents of children harmed by social media platforms are calling on Congress to advance the bipartisan "Kids Online Safety Act." The bi…

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In the mid-1990s, news media from around the world descended upon Los Angeles for wall-to-wall coverage of the O.J. Simpson murder trial. (Adobe Stock)
Measuring long-term impact of Simpson trial on media literacy

O.J. Simpson's death has the nation looking back on the infamous murder trial that resulted in his acquittal. Experts say one of the lasting impacts …

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Research showed between 10% and 30% of county residents in the state of New York had a dual-use special-need plan in 2021. (Adobe Stock)
NY senior advocates see advantages to dual-use special needs plans

Senior and older adult advocates in New York find certain healthcare plans are helping people get the best bang for their buck. Dual-eligible …

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The FCC's rule would give state attorneys general across the country new tools to go after bad actors behind these nefarious robocalls. (Adobe Stock)
AZ could lead way in AI-related legislation

Arizona lawmakers are hoping to make it easier for politicians to take legal action as the use of deepfakes increases during election campaigns…

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A 2023 study found that more than 80% of Americans assume that the health data collected by apps is covered by HIPAA, even though it isn't. (Adobe Stock)
Report: AZ has no data privacy law, expert says its time to take action

Arizona is among states that have considered passing consumer privacy laws but have yet to do so. While the state doesn't have anything on the books…

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Section 230 of the Communications Act of 1934, enacted as part of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, provides limited federal immunity to providers and users of interactive computer services. (Aleksei/Adobe Stock)
Social media CEOs apologize to victim families for harm experienced online

A contentious congressional hearing on Wednesday saw a unanimous push for regulations on social media specifically related to children. U.S. Sen…

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AI's impact on elections is expected to grow this year. (VideoFlow/Adobe Stock)
AI could undermine trust ahead of 2024 election

The rise of artificial intelligence is raising alarm bells for election officials in Oregon and across the country. Before the New Hampshire …

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The two most common methods of suicide by Black youth are by firearm and suffocation, according to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. (Adobe Stock)
Research confirms social media's deadly effects on youth of color

Social media platforms are used by practically everyone, but most widely by teens. One study pinpoints a link between online racism and higher rates …

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The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention offers its Soul Shop for Black Churches program to help faith leaders minister to congregants who may be struggling or who have been affected by suicide. (Adobe Stock)
Research shows harmful social media content impacts Black youths

Social media platforms are used by practically everyone but most widely by teens. One study pinpoints a link between online racism and higher rates …

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People are more likely to believe misinformation that paints opponents in a negative light than they are to believe misinformation that is negative about their own in-group, according to the American Psychological Association. (Adobe Stock)<br />
Expert explains how 'weaponization' of social media threatens democracy

The use of social media to organize the January 6th insurrection marked a turning point in American political protest, according to a scholar on …

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data tracker in the most recent week this month, more than 32,000 people have been hospitalized for COVID-19. (Cherryandbees/Adobe Stock)
Health misinformation vs. science: Can you tell the difference?

In Arkansas and across the country, public health experts say the rapid spread of health misinformation online is contributing to a dangerous decline …

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The Jan. 6 Committee's final report revealed members of the Oath Keepers and other Trump allies stockpiled weapons near Washington, D.C., as they waited for the former president to invoke the Insurrection Act and deploy the military for domestic law enforcement. (spidey888/Adobe Stock)<br />
Democracy challenged by social media 'networked incitement'

The use of social media to organize the Jan. 6 insurrection marked a turning point in American political protest, according to a leading media and …

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