Tuesday, January 31, 2023


Videos show disparities in Cleveland police response to kids in crisis, Pennsylvania receives federal funds to plug abandoned wells, and grants support 2020 fire recovery for Oregonians.


President Biden says he will meet with members of the Congressional Black Caucus on much-needed police and justice system reforms, unresolved legal challenges regarding gerrymandering could have implications for 2024 congressional elections, and a government watchdog reveals fraud and waste tied to pandemic relief aid programs.


"Brain Gain?" Research shows rural population is actually growing, especially in recreational areas; other small towns are having success offering relocation incentives like free building lots, cash, complimentary dinners and even internet credits; and researchers say the key is flexibility and creativity.

Media Reform

According to the Pew Research Center, adults in all age groups, except those younger than 30, are far more likely to trust information from national and local news outlets than from social media. (Farknot Architect/Adobe Stock)

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Editor: News Outlets Must Do Better to Regain Consumers' Trust

Americans continue to have little faith in the mainstream news media, with many people under the age of 30 saying they trust information from social …

According to the Pew Research Center, adults in all age groups, except those younger than 30, are far more likely to trust information from national and local news outlets than from social media. (Adobe Stock)
News Literacy Week: Up to News Outlets, Consumers to Improve Trust

Americans continue to report low trust in mainstream media, with many younger than 30 saying they trust information from social media nearly as much …

According to the News Literacy Project, Americans felt the most trust in news in the aftermath of the Watergate scandal reporting, during Richard Nixon's presidency in the 1970s. (Adobe Stock)
NV Journalism Professor: Diverse Sources Key for News Consumers

As National News Literacy Week comes to an end, one Nevada journalism professor says media professionals need to make building trust with their …

According to a 2022 Gallup poll, 38% of Americans have no trust at all in newspapers, TV and radio. (Adobe Stock)
News Literacy Week: Keeping Up the Fight Against Misinformation

Today is the start of National News Literacy Week, and according to a Minnesota expert, trust in the media remains low. But there are still plenty of …

Stigma continues to be one of the biggest barriers for addressing mental health, and telehealth provides a confidential option. (Adobe Stock)
Post-Pandemic Telehealth Visits Remain High for Mental Health

The use of telehealth has dropped since its peak during the height of the COVID-19 public health emergency, but more Coloradans continue to opt for …

According to ahe Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce survey, among women who have a bachelor's degree in communications and journalism, their median earnings are the same or higher than men's three years after graduation. (New Africa/Adobe Stock)
Report: Industry Decline Reduces Journalism Jobs

A report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and Workforce found the number of journalism jobs will continue to decline over the next d…

Media consolidation hit rural America harder during the pandemic, as there are now fewer news outlets to cover big stories like the COVID-19 pandemic. (Adobe Stock)
Media Coverage of COVID Underserves Rural Communities

COVID has been in and out of the news cycle for over two years now, but that news cycle is driven by the experience in major cities. Coverage of the …

Websites such as Facebook have become a vehicle for misinformation around elections. (wachiwit/Adobe Stock)
Election Experts Urge Vigilance Against Misinformation Ahead of WA Primary

Washington state's primary election is coming up, and election officials are calling on voters to be vigilant about misinformation. Washington …

Depression and lower rates of academic attainment are among the effects that can persist in a child's lifetime after losing a caregiver. (Adobe Stock)
Losing a Caregiver to COVID: Helping Kids Grieve

Roughly 200,000 children in the U.S. have lost a caregiver to COVID-19. In South Dakota, mental-health experts say these cases can have added …

Some experts believe<a href= children can be better protected by strictly enforcing age restrictions. Users' identities could be verified while still being allowed the freedom to not use real names while posting. (Adobe Stock)">
Experts: CA Must Act Now to Protect Youth from Social Media Dangers

As children grow up, parents and caregivers across California face the difficult decision of how to oversee social media use. But is that decision …

Extremist groups are trying to undercut the 30x30 Initiative in President Joe Biden's America the Beautiful Program. (JoPanuwat/Adobe Stock)
Conservationists Call Out Extremist Group for Dispensing Disinformation

Disinformation has sadly become a part of American political discourse, but one environmental organization is calling out a group of anti-government …

Many of the farmworkers in Oregon near the Columbia River Gorge work in orchards. (Kirk/Adobe Stock)
Radio Station Shares Bilingual News with Gorge Farmworkers

A unique radio station in the Columbia River Gorge provides information in English and Spanish, on topics ranging from the environment to immigration…


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