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Friday, March 1, 2024

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As Congress and presidential candidates trade accusations over immigration reform, advocates and experts urge caution in spreading misinformation; Alabama takes new action IVF policy following controversial court decision; and central states urge caution with wildfires brewing.

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Congress reaches a deal to avoid a partial government shutdown again. Arizona Republicans want to ensure Trump remains on their state ballot and Senate Democrats reintroduce the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

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Hard times could be ahead for rural school districts that spent federal pandemic money on teacher salaries, a former Oregon lumber community drafts a climate-action plan and West Virginians may soon buy raw milk from squeaky-clean cows.

New Hampshire

More than 700 New Hampshire childcare providers remained in operation in 2022 with a capacity to serve more than 44,500 children but staffing vacancies are on the rise. (Adobe Stock)

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

NH 'Kids on Campus' program boosts retention, offers hands-on learning

You might say "every day is 'bring your child to college day'" at New Hampshire's Manchester Community College. On-campus childcare programs are …

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Backers of an updated climate-change curriculum in New Hampshire said it should include how the crisis impacts the state today, including shortened winters and ski seasons, water quality, local agriculture and sea level rise. (Adobe Stock). <br /><br /><br />
NH youth spearhead resolution to improve students’ climate change education

New Hampshire lawmakers are requesting state education officials improve students' understanding of the climate crisis and better prepare them for a g…

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A University of New Hampshire study showed annual rainfall, which has increased more than eight inches since 1901, is expected to increase another 7% to 9% by the middle of the century. Scientists say most of this increase will arrive in heavy precipitation events, increasing the risk of flooding and significantly affecting agriculture. (Adobe Stock)
Farm relief funds in NH would counter climate change-related crop damage

Two proposed relief funds for New Hampshire farmers aim to recover losses from climate change-related weather events. Years of droughts were …

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At least 20 states have approved a version of a complete ban on transgender athletes playing on K-12 and collegiate sports teams. (Adobe Stock)
NH House reaffirms support for transgender 'bathroom bill'

New Hampshire lawmakers have voted to advance a so-called "bathroom bill," which opponents said will allow anti-LGBTQ discrimination. House Bill 396 …

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Studies find traditional school voucher programs incentivize private schools to raise tuition, using the new taxpayer dollars as a public subsidy. (Adobe Stock)
Despite lack of data, NH lawmakers push expanded private-school vouchers

New Hampshire's program to subsidize private education with public tax dollars is rapidly expanding, but opponents believe a lack of data on student …

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Around 30% of election workers nationwide say they have personally been abused, harassed or threatened because of their job as a local election official, according to a survey from the Brennan Center for Justice. (Adobe Stock)
Ahead of NH primary, bill aims to protect election workers from harassment

Lawmakers in New Hampshire are considering legislation to better protect election workers from harassment and intimidation. The Justice Department …

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On average, the lowest-income 20% of taxpayers face a state and local tax rate nearly 60% higher than the top 1% of households, according to Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. (Adobe Stock)<br />
NH tax system requires more from low, middle-income families

New Hampshire has the 18th most regressive state and local tax system in the country, according to a new report. The Institute on Taxation and …

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Vaccination rates among U.S. kindergartners for routine childhood shots have not returned to pre-pandemic levels with just 93% of students meeting vaccination requirements, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (Adobe Stock)
Vaccine rates drop as health misinformation spreads via social media

Public health experts say the rapid spread of health misinformation online is contributing to a dangerous decline in vaccination rates. Surveys show …

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Secession is not just an idea for the states. Rural counties in blue states, including California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Illinois, have taken steps to redraw state lines. (Adobe Stock)
Secession bill returns to NH legislature with focus on national debt

New Hampshire lawmakers will consider a proposal aimed at peacefully breaking away from the United States. A similar measure failed in 2022…

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Studies show that structural barriers, such as registration restrictions and limitations to ballot access, keep less healthy people away from the polls. As it becomes more difficult for sick people to vote, the electorate becomes more distorted to favor healthier voters. (Adobe Stock)
NH health care system impacted by barriers to voting

Voting is not only good for democracy - it's also good for your health, according to one of the nation's largest medical associations. The American …

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Southern New Hampshire University provided students with emergency grants during the pandemic ranging from $300-$2,000 to cover various basic needs, including health care, mental health services, housing, food and child care. (Adobe Stock)<br /><br />
Pandemic-era aid helped cover students’ basic needs, kept them enrolled

College students receiving extra aid to help pay for food, housing or transportation are more likely to stay in school, according to new research…

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More than 2.5 billion users log into Google Play's online store on Android each month. The company also commands 90% of the search engine market. (Adobe Stock)<br /><br /><br />
States’ attorneys general settle antitrust lawsuit with Google

Android phone users in New Hampshire could receive some of a $700 million antitrust lawsuit settlement with Google. States' attorneys general …

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