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Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Consumer health advocates urge governor to sign bill package; NY protests for Jewish democracy heighten as Netanyahu meets UN today; Multiple Utah cities set to use ranked-choice voting in next election.

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The Pentagon wants to help service members denied benefits under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," advocates back a new federal office of gun violence prevention, and a top GOP member assures the Ukrainian president more help is coming.

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An Indigenous project in South Dakota seeks to protect tribal data sovereignty, advocates in North Carolina are pushing back against attacks on public schools, and Arkansas wants the hungriest to have access to more fruits and veggies.

New Hampshire

Civic knowledge is drastically low, with just 56% of Americans able to identify the three branches of government and nearly 20% unable to identify any, according to the Annenberg Public Policy Center. (Adobe Stock)

Monday, September 18, 2023

Bipartisan Agreement on Need for Greater Civics Education

Gov. Chris Sununu aims to inspire a revival of civics education nationwide as surveys show Americans lack a solid understanding of just how our …

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U.S. medical costs associated with tick-borne diseases are substantial, with Lyme disease alone resulting in anywhere between $712 million and $1.3 billion in annual treatment costs, according to John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. (Adobe Stock) <br />
Multi-State Effort Begins to Study Dramatic Tick Increase in New England

Scientists in rural New England are working to better monitor and manage tick populations as climate change helps fuel their dramatic increase…

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New Hampshire is currently short more than 23,500 housing units. State housing officials estimate nearly 90,000 additional units will be needed between 2020 and 2040 as the population grows. (Adobe Stock)
Affordable Housing Crisis in NH Alters Voter Support for Legislative Action

The affordable housing crisis in New Hampshire is widespread and a new survey found a majority of voters support legislative action to fix it…

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The voter-turnout rate for young voters in the 2022 midterm election reached 27%, the second-highest youth turnout rate for a midterm election in the past 30 years, behind only the historic 2018 turnout of 31%. (Adobe Stock)<br />
Young People Face Greater Barriers to Voting as Turnout Increases

As youth voter turnout increases, so do the barriers these voters face to participate in elections. Republican-led legislatures - including in New …

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Studies show elder abuse or neglect can lead to early death, cause harm to physical and psychological health, destroy social and family ties, and lead to devastating financial loss. (Adobe Stock)<br />
NH Increases Elder Abuse Prevention Efforts as Older Population Grows

New Hampshire officials in charge of investigating elder abuse are ramping up staff and education efforts to better protect the state's growing elderl…

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About 500,000 video and voice
Effort Grows to Prevent 'Deepfakes' in NH Campaign Ads

As the 2024 presidential hopefuls ramp up their campaigns in New Hampshire, federal officials are considering new rules on so-called "deepfakes" in …

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A living wage for a worker in a family with two working adults and one child in New Hampshire is greater than $17 per hour, according to the Economic Policy Institute's Family Budget Calculator. <br />(Adobe Stock)
'Raise the Wage Act' Offers Hope for NH Minimum Wage Earners

New legislation aims to raise the federal minimum wage for the first time since 2008. The "Raise the Wage Act" would gradually increase the minimum …

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The five New Hampshire school districts with buildings that have not had major construction since before 1970 are in districts with below-average property values, according to the New Hampshire School Funding Fairness Project. (Adobe Stock)
NH Public-School Building-Aid Requests Outweigh State Funds

20% of New Hampshire public-school students attend classes in buildings that have not been updated in the past 35 years, according to a new report…

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Roughly 190 species of birds breed in New Hampshire. Of these, roughly 80 are decreasing, especially those migrating the longest distances, or feeding on insects in flight, including sparrows, according to the Audubon Society. (Adobe Stock)<br />
New England Avian Experts Monitor Impact of Wildfire Smoke

Avian experts in New England say billions of birds have been affected by recent wildfires in Canada's boreal forest and the resulting plumes of smoke…

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The story, Tell Me How You Breathe, examines the intersection of eco-activism, social justice and public health, according to the Loom Ensemble. (Loom)
New England-Based Dance Ensemble Explores Impact of Climate Change

Smoke from Canadian wildfires this summer has permeated not only New England's air, but the performing arts. The Loom Ensemble - an …

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No Labels will try to reach the 41% of Americans who, in a 2022 Gallup poll, identified as independent, as well as other Americans it says are dissatisfied with a presidential rematch of 2020. (Adobe Stock)
'No Labels' NH Event to Focus on Bipartisanship

The national political spotlight falls on New Hampshire tonight as the controversial group No Labels holds its first major public event in Manchester…

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Fall asters (New England asters) and goldenrods are considered two of the most important fall flowers for honey bees and bumble bees, providing some of the last fresh food they will eat before the winter freeze. (Adobe Stock)
Honey Bee Colonies Remain “Relatively Stable” Despite Multiple Threats

Parasites and extreme weather led to the loss of nearly half of America's managed honey bee colonies over the past year, according to a new survey…

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