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Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Alabama must redraw its Congressional maps, CNN reports a former official told the feds Trump knew the process for declassifying documents, and Canadian wildfires affect the health of humans and wildlife.

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The Supreme Court upholds a key provision of the Voting Rights Act over Alabama redistricting, smoky skies could spell EPA trouble for some states, and President Biden calls on Congress to pass LGBTQ+ protections.

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Rural communities launch projects with funds from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, a study says rural transgender adults feel less supported than those in urban areas, and a summer road trip could mean majestic scenic byways or a sprinkling of donut shops.


Breaking down big tasks into smaller steps helps children develop what experts refer to as executive function skills. (Delete/Adobe Stock)

Thursday, June 8, 2023

For Some IL Students, Summer Means Practicing School Preparedness

Tasks like packing a suitcase for summer travel may be difficult for some Illinois children. Experts said parents and caregivers can help kids over …

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In 2020, the U.S. population's median age was 38.8, an increase of more than 10 years over the past five decades. (N Lawrenson/

Monday, June 5, 2023

Illinois Senior Centers: Not Just for Aged

Some Illinois senior centers aren't just focusing on the 65+ demographic but are beginning to include people aged 50+. The U.S. Census indicates the …

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Some Illinois condo dwellers think corporations purchase units in their buildings with a longer-term strategy of increasing fees and assessments to displace other owners, who cannot afford the higher costs or the litigation to fight them. (aleutie/Adobe Stock)
Condo Owners: IL Condominium Property Act Needs Updating

Some Illinois real estate corporations are getting large paydays by charging homeowners assessments for "common expenses," and the owners allege they …

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A wetland and marsh area at Chain O' Lakes State Park. Illinois' Interagency Wetland Policy Act of 1989 set a goal of no net loss of wetlands due to projects funded by the state. (
SCOTUS Lands Gut Punch to EPA Wetland Protections

A U.S. Supreme Court decision is shaking up the environmental community in Illinois and across the country. The high court ruled 5-4 on Thursday …

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Illinois state agencies will be required to use the Middle Eastern or North African classification for reporting workforce or hiring data as of July 1, 2025. (Marko/Adobe Stock)
Middle Eastern, North African Race Checkbox Added to IL state forms

Illinois is making history as the first state to collect Middle Eastern and North African representation data on all state forms and surveys…

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Illinois had almost 1,000 juveniles incarcerated in adult correctional facilities in 2021, at an annual cost of almost $33 million, according to a Human Rights for Kids report. (napatacha/Adobe Stock)
IL Lawmakers Pass Bill to Prevent Unfair Youth Sentencing

Illinois could soon be the fourth state to pass a law to prevent unfair youth sentencing. The legislation encourages criminal courts to recognize …

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In addition to preschool investments, Smart Start Illinois includes $12 million for scholarships and internships to expand the childcare workforce. (junce11/Adobe Stock)
More Illinois Toddlers Head for 'Smart Start' in Early Education

Researchers say a lot of learning begins even before birth - and especially between birth and age five. Gov. JB Pritzker's "Smart Start Illinois" …

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Accessible voting booths require staff to assist with machine use and collect completed ballots from people who are considered 'print-impaired.' (petrushin1984/Adobe Stock)
Voting for People with Visual Impairments Could Get Easier in IL

A proposed measure in Illinois aims to improve access to the ballot for visually impaired voters. Senate Bill 282, introduced by Sen. Julie Morrison…

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According to The Sentencing Project, in 2022 an estimated 4.6 million Americans were ineligible to vote due to laws and policies. (Adobe Stock)
Groups Push for Voting-Restoration Rights for Incarcerated Illinoisans

Groups in Illinois are pushing legislation that would restore voting rights, including for people currently incarcerated. According to Stand Up …

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There are roughly 30,000 people in Illinois in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.<br />(Molly Adams/Wikimedia Commons)
"Health Care is a Human Right"

The Biden administration is expanding access to health coverage under the Affordable Care Act to include young people in the Deferred Action for Child…

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Electric vehicles, which can carry a battery pack with up to 50,000 volts of electricity, can be a danger, both to passengers and first responders, in accidents. (Adobe Stock)
First Responders Learn to Deal with Electric-Vehicle Accidents

As the number of electric vehicles on Illinois roads grows, so does the danger of injury for emergency medical technicians and firefighters …

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The abortion drug mifepristone remains available in 19 states, including Illinois, while a pair of federal rulings are heard by a federal appeals court. (Adobe Stock)
Planned Parenthood IL: Abortion Pill Ruling a 'Political Stunt'

Women's health groups in Illinois and across the country are angered by a pair of federal court rulings last week on the abortion drug mifepristone…

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