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Saturday, March 2, 2024

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As Congress and presidential candidates trade accusations over immigration reform, advocates and experts urge caution in spreading misinformation; Alabama takes new action IVF policy following controversial court decision; and central states urge caution with wildfires brewing.

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Congress reaches a deal to avoid a partial government shutdown again. Arizona Republicans want to ensure Trump remains on their state ballot and Senate Democrats reintroduce the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

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Hard times could be ahead for rural school districts that spent federal pandemic money on teacher salaries, a former Oregon lumber community drafts a climate-action plan and West Virginians may soon buy raw milk from squeaky-clean cows.


Missouri's Senate Bill 1314, similar to House Bill 2365, prohibits funds from being expended by any state department for interdepartmental programs, staffing or other initiatives associated with

Friday, March 1, 2024

New report reveals high economic risk of anti-DEI laws in Missouri

A new report finds some Missouri laws and prospective laws are perceived as discriminatory regardless of their actual intent - and it outlines some bi…

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When schools have automated external defibrillators, 70% of children survive cardiac arrest, according to American Heart Association data. (hooyah808/Adobe Stock)
MO schools and health advocates promote cardiac emergency response plans

Missouri Senate Bills 1032 and 1081 would require public schools to develop and implement cardiac emergency response plans and advocates are stressing…

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The now scrapped House Bill 1708 passed out of the House Rules Committee on Jan. 29. The National Rifle Association describes the bill as
Missouri Dems attempt new legislation following parade shooting

Missouri Democrats have filed legislation which would prompt a vote to return gun possession rules to local governments. The move was prompted by a …

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The group Everytown For Gun Safety ranks Missouri as the seventh-highest state for all gun-related deaths. (JJ Gouin/Adobe Stock)
Deadly shooting after Chiefs' victory parade renews calls for reform

Wednesday's Kansas City Chiefs' victory parade turned fatal, prompting gun-law activists to call for reform. One person died and three people are in …

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Bryce Shanklin, a career rural mail carrier, in the U.S. Postal Service vehicle he uses for delivering mail. In the second year of USPS' 10-year 'Delivering For America' plan, 50,000 workers were converted from non-career positions to employee roles. (Adobe Stock)
Calls for increased rural Postal Service staffing grow louder

Across the country and especially in rural parts of Missouri, U.S. Postal Service staffing shortages are being blamed by some for delays in mail …

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Census data from 2020 included population counts of nearly 1,500 race and ethnicity groups and American Indian and Alaska Native tribes and villages. ( Stock)
Report: MO could do better to ensure children's well-being

A new report examined children's well-being in every state and found in Missouri, the outcomes vary greatly depending on race. In its "Race for …

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Section 230 of the Communications Act of 1934, enacted as part of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, provides limited federal immunity to providers and users of interactive computer services. (Aleksei/Adobe Stock)
Social media CEOs apologize to victim families for harm experienced online

A contentious congressional hearing on Wednesday saw a unanimous push for regulations on social media specifically related to children. U.S. Sen…

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On average, the lowest-income 20% of taxpayers face a state and local tax rate nearly 60% higher than the top 1% of households in Missouri, according to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. (tirachard/Adobe Stock)<br />
Missouri's taxes require more from low and middle-income families

New data show Missouri has the 35th most regressive state and local tax system in the country. The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy found …

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Missouri Gov. Mike Parson said,
Did Parson's abortion stance prompt historic family, education funding?

State legislators applauded Missouri Gov. Mike Parson's State of the State address last week - although for very different reasons. The governor's …

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Part of the program allows taxpayers who donate to child-care facilities to receive the tax credits. Another portion would issue tax credits to employers who provide child care for their employees.( Stock)
Child care tax credits gain momentum in MO

While Missouri's legislative session has just begun, child-care tax credits are at top of mind with a bipartisan House bill. HB 1488 takes a three-…

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The Jan. 6 Committee's final report revealed members of the Oath Keepers and other Trump allies stockpiled weapons near Washington, D.C., as they waited for the former president to invoke the Insurrection Act and deploy the military for domestic law enforcement. (spidey888/Adobe Stock)<br />
Democracy challenged by social media 'networked incitement'

The use of social media to organize the Jan. 6 insurrection marked a turning point in American political protest, according to a leading media and …

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Studies show the development and dissemination of vaccines have saved millions of lives and played a critical role in historic increases in average life expectancy, from  47 years in 1900 in the U.S. to 76 years in 2023. (Adobe Stock)
MO groups dispel online vaccination misinformation

Public health experts are saying the rapid spread of health misinformation online is contributing to a dangerous decline in vaccination rates and an i…

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